REDi iRad


Introducing the REDi iRad – Your Personal Red Light Marvel!

Unlock the extraordinary potential of wellness with the revolutionary REDi iRad! This compact wonder houses the cutting-edge power of red light therapy, ingeniously crafted to fit right in the palm of your hand, like an exquisite gem of healing.

Experience the fusion of science and sophistication as the REDi iRad’s dual spectrum healing (660nm and 850nm) creates an oasis of rejuvenation wherever you go. Seamlessly intertwining into your dynamic lifestyle, this sleek device empowers you to take charge of your well-being effortlessly.

Embrace the liberation of on-the-go healing, fueled by battery-powered convenience and an effortlessly lightweight design. With the REDi iRad, you hold the key to targeted spot healing, granting you the ability to amplify your skin’s natural radiance and focus on specific body areas with ease.

Witness the magic unfold as the 660nm spectrum, a deep red light, breathes new life into your skin’s outer layer, inviting healing, vanishing signs of aging, and bestowing upon you a vivacious, youthful glow.

Venture even deeper into the realm of restoration with the 850nm spectrum – an ethereal near-infrared light that penetrates your tissues, embracing your muscles with soothing recovery, effortlessly calming inflammation, and expediting deep wound healing. The REDi iRad’s brilliance shines as an ideal ally for athletic performance enhancement and post-workout revitalization.

Prepare to captivate hearts and minds as the REDi iRad’s contemporary elegance captures attention at social gatherings, sparking curiosity and admiration. An unparalleled fusion of affordability and benefits, this masterpiece is the quintessential gift for those seeking to elevate their wellness journey.

Embrace the luminous path to a better you with the REDi iRad – a pocket-sized powerhouse that redefines the boundaries of wellness. Unlock the wonders of light therapy today, where brilliance meets transformation, and elevate your life with radiant wellness!



Total Power 18W
Number of LEDs 18
Number of Spectums 2
Voice Control? No
Lens Beam Angle 90°
Weight 10.5 ounces
Stand Available? Yes
Dimensions 6.2″ x 3″ x .53″
Watts per LED 1
Spectrums 660:850
Pulsing Function? No
Use Before Recharge 80 Minutes
Warranty 1 Year
Targeted Coverage Spot
EMF Electric @ 6 inches 0 [V/m]
EMF Magnetic @ 6 inches 0 [uT]


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Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 6.2 × 3 × .53 in
Total Power


Number of LEDs


Number of Spectums


Voice Control


Lens Beam Angle


Stand Available


Watts per LED



660, 850

Pulsing Function


Use Before Recharge

80 minutes


1 Year

Targeted Coverage


EMF Electric @ 6 inches

0 [V/m]

EMF Magnetic @ 6 inches

0 [uT]


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