iRad Stand


Meet the iRad Stand, the perfect companion for your REDi iRad portable red light device, designed to maximize your photobiomodulation experience with unparalleled convenience.

This stand transforms your REDi iRad usage by freeing up your hands, enabling you to soak in the healing power of red light therapy while engaging in other activities. Whether you’re working at your desk, reading your favorite book, or simply relaxing, the iRad Stand ensures uninterrupted, beneficial therapy sessions without any hold-ups.

Built for stability, the iRad Stand offers a secure, sturdy base that guarantees your REDi iRad device stays put for the most effective treatment sessions. From your office desk to your kitchen table, or even bedside—this stand offers an extra layer of protection anywhere you set up your therapy.

Made with durable materials, the iRad Stand promises enduring performance without compromising style. Its modern aesthetic seamlessly blends with your REDi iRad, and its lightweight design enhances portability for on-the-go therapy sessions.

Discover a new level of multitasking efficiency and therapy convenience with the iRad Stand—where durability, design, and practicality come together to elevate your daily wellness routine.


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Additional information

Weight 8.3 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 10.2 × 2.4 in
Total Power


Number of LEDs


Number of Spectums


Intelligent Voice Control


Lens Beam Angle


Programmed Outcomes




Watts per LED

5 Watt Epistar


610, 630, 660, 810, 830, 850

Pulsing Function


Stand Available



3 Years

Advanced Controls


Targeted Coverage

Face or Partial Body

EMF Electric @ 6 inches

0 [V/m]

EMF Magnetic @ 6 inches

0 [uT]


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