REDi Infuse Plus


REDi Infuse Plus: An Expansive 3D Photobiomodulation Red Light Marvel

Embark on a remarkable journey of total rejuvenation with REDi Infuse Plus, an extraordinary companion to our pinnacle photobiomodulation technology. Just like its less spacious sibling REDi Infuse, this larger version offers a three-dimensional healing experience that reaches deep within, paving the way to optimum wellness.

An Expanse of Innovation

Much like the essence of a high-tech sleeping bag, REDi Infuse Plus cradles you in a cocoon of healing light, promising profound and transformative rejuvenation.

Unveil the Splendor

Delve into the magnificent world of healing light with REDi Infuse Plus, where innovation knows no bounds. This cutting-edge marvel delivers a multidimensional red light experience, penetrating even greater depths for an unparalleled journey of healing.

The Brilliance Within

Behold the breathtaking array of 3600 LED lights concealed beneath the surface, with only a PVC layer separating their brilliance from your skin. This ingenious feature elevates light penetration to heights unimaginable with traditional panels, paving the way for an extraordinary healing odyssey.

A Symphony of Radiance

REDi Infuse Plus unveils the harmonious fusion of two healing spectra – 660 and 850 nanometers. Revel in the therapeutic qualities of both red and near-infrared light, and relish the flexibility to use either spectrum individually or harmoniously with the device’s three distinct modes.

A Masterpiece of Expansion

With the pulse function at your command, orchestrate a symphony of cell regeneration, enhancing recovery and rejuvenation. Tailor the timer to suit your preferences, ranging from revitalizing 15-minute sessions to indulgent 60-minute sojourns.

The Elegance of Amplitude

REDi Infuse Plus presents you with an advantage unmatched by other red light solutions. To be completely surrounded by red light, one might invest in a costly red light bed or purchase multiple expensive full-body panels, encircling themselves in pursuit of wellness. However, with REDi Infuse Plus, embrace the ultimate comfort as you lie at the heart of healing light.

A Woven Tapestry of Wellness

Photobiomodulation red light therapy reveals diverse benefits, enhancing skin health, accelerating muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and gifting the serenity of better sleep. This safe, natural, and non-invasive method becomes your trusted partner in self-healing, elevating your overall wellness.

REDi Infuse: A Less Spacious Odyssey to Wellness

For those who do not require the expansive size of REDi Infuse Plus to embrace the healing light, we also offer the wonderful REDi Infuse. The PLUS version caters to larger users, while the REDi Infuse will accommodate the vast majority of users.

The Gateway Awaits

REDi Infuse Plus, along with its esteemed companion REDi Infuse, transcends ordinary products, unlocking a revolutionary experience of balance, rejuvenation, and healing. Dare to step into the future of wellness and personal care today with REDi Infuse Plus – your gateway to boundless rejuvenation.


Total Power 3600W
Number of LEDs 3600
Number of Spectums 2
Targeted Coverage Full Body Plus
Weight 22 lb.
Dimensions 69″ x 35″
Spectrums 660:850
Pulsing Function? Yes
Warranty 2 Years
EMF Electric @ 6 inches <160  [V/m]
EMF Magnetic @ 6 inches 0  [uT]
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Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 35 in
Total Power


Number of LEDs


Number of Spectums


Targeted Coverage

Full Body Plus


660, 850

Pulsing Function



2 Years

EMF Electric @ 6 inches

<160 [V/m]

EMF Magnetic @ 6 inches

0 [uT]


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