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About Irradiance Claims: Why REDi Chooses a Different Approach

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In an era where technology is rapidly advancing and consumer needs are continuously evolving, trust in companies has never been more critical. In the marketplace for red light therapy products, this is particularly true. Red light therapy is a growing field with profound potential for health and wellness. But like any emerging industry, it’s not without its pitfalls and misinformation. One of the most rampant issues is the overstatement of the irradiance – or light intensity – of red-light panels. At Healthspan Lab, we choose a path less trodden – one that maintains our integrity and values our customers.

First, it’s crucial to understand the problem at hand. Irradiance, measured in milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm^2), is a key metric for the potency of red light panels.

The higher the irradiance, the more light energy is delivered to your skin and body, leading to potentially greater therapeutic effects.

Unfortunately, the red-light therapy industry is rampant with inflated irradiance claims. A preponderance of companies overstate the power output of their panels, often by using inappropriate testing equipment such as solar testers. Solar testers are designed to measure the light from the sun, not the specific wavelengths produced by red light therapy devices. This misuse leads to inaccurate and inflated irradiance readings.

Moreover, some companies resort to concocting numbers to appear competitive, propagating a culture of false advertising. It creates an industry norm where inflated numbers are accepted, making it difficult for companies that value honesty and integrity.

If you’ve compared different red-light panels in the marketplace, you’ve no doubt noticed that the irradiance claims are all over the lot. And many are down-right not believable, being multiples of those using state of the art technology, such as REDi’s, and tested properly.

At Healthspan Lab, we’ve taken a stand against this trend with our REDi products. We’ve made the conscious decision not to publicly state the specific irradiance values of our panels. This decision isn’t out of fear of seeming inferior; on the contrary, it’s to uphold our commitment to transparency and integrity.

Our red-light panels boast the highest irradiance available, designed using the most advanced technology and meticulous testing procedures. However, we believe that the true value and effectiveness of our products can’t be encapsulated merely by a number. The proof of our products’ superiority lies not in inflated irradiance claims, but in their consistent use and the results they deliver to our customers.

We understand this decision might raise eyebrows or invite skepticism. But we’re confident that the integrity of our approach will resonate with customers who value authenticity over marketing gimmicks. We’re willing to let our products speak for themselves and the results they bring to those who use them.

At the heart of Healthspan Lab’s philosophy is our guarantee. We stand behind the quality and efficacy of our red-light products. If our customers are not completely satisfied with their experience, we promise to make it right. Our primary concern is the health and wellness of our customers, not an arms race of irradiance numbers.

In an industry rife with misinformation, we strive to be an example of transparency and trustworthiness. We invite our customers and the wider public to join us in fostering a marketplace that values honesty, substantiated claims, and the genuine well-being of consumers. At the end of the day, we believe that real results speak louder than inflated numbers.